Youibot was selected as one of the top ten outstanding solutions for Intel's intelligent robot innovation application in 2021

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Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Everything, 5G and cloud computing are becoming more and more mature, and the intelligent robot industry has also entered a period of vigorous development. The development of smart future cities and the urgent needs of industrial upgrading are driving robots to be widely integrated into all fields of work and life. With the advent of the era of comprehensive intelligence, the robot industry has begun to enter a critical period of "full landing".
In order to accelerate the application of the robot industry and give full play to the industrial ecological value, Intel & Ingdan launched the "Intelligent Robot Innovation Application 2021" selection activity when the robot innovation ecology was established for five years, focusing on ten typical application scenarios and creating excellent robot products and solutions. , to accelerate the development of the robotics industry.
After nearly a year of selection, the 2021 Top 10 Excellent Solutions Officially released. Launched by Youai Zhihe YOUI TMS Intelligent Logistics Management and Control Platform Solution Successfully selected!
With the rapid development of "new generation information technology", "big data", "cloud computing", "artificial intelligence" and other technologies, based on the cloud, the industrial Internet and 5G technology are used to build a logistics management and control platform to realize the automation and visualization of the manufacturing process of manufacturing enterprises. , Data-driven intelligence, and customization of customer needs have become the high-quality development direction of the manufacturing industry.
In view of the problems of poor data correlation and poor coordination of most intelligent logistics systems in the market at present, Youibot has created an intelligent logistics management and control platform. YOUI TMS , to provide enterprises with a full range of intelligent logistics services and operation control.

Through the comprehensive application of industry 4.0, lean management, Internet of Things, big data, Internet + and other technologies, YOUI TMS It has achieved the goals of system integration, refined management, full visibility, intelligent management and control, and business mobility.

The "Robot Innovation Ecology" brings together industrial forces, focuses on technological innovation and market acceleration, provides online and offline professional operation services, integrates supply chains, and joins industry investments to promote industry-university-research collaboration and win-win cooperation, and promote the sustainable development of China's robotics industry.


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