YOUIBOT ROBOTICS Launches Robot Family Fleet

YOUIBOT Robotics ,a pioneer  in autonomous mobile robot field, launches their robot family fleet. As a leading mobile robot enterprise in China, they commercialized the mobile robot industry and offer excellent services. YOUIBOT puts the research and development capabilities of mobile robot and software system in an equally important position, and has been driving R&D application of mobile robots and software systems to find solutions for consumers. Adhering to these values, YOUIBOT has created one powerful robot family fleet that meets the customer needs for intelligent upgrades in the production management process and empowers scenario revolution .


Mobile robot equipped with management software system

Applicable to various kinds of complex applications


YOUIBOT provides three standardized autonomous mobile robots to meet the industrial-grade requirements of high level of precision ,stability and safety.


Trans is an indoor medium-size industrial-grade mobile robot with a height of 200mm and a maximum payload capacity of 1000kg. It achieves a repetitive positioning accuracy of ±5mm for indoor use and docks with various surfaces.


Corgi is an indoor light industrial-grade laser navigation mobile robot. Its compact design allows it to move through a 600mm wide aisle. It has passed the ROSH test and is applicable for Class100 dust-free workshop.


Kitt  is a versatile laser navigation mobile robot with a high-performance housing design, it has IP55 dustproof and waterproof capabilities etc. It is able to work under multiple weather conditions such as rain, snow, and intense sunlight. It is also capable of walking over obstacles and wading through water.

The three mobile robot bases are equipped with robot management and control systems compatible with multiple applications: YOUI-Fleet, YOUI-Pilot, which control,dispatch,manage and configure multiple robots. It can also be quickly integrated into the user's business system and field equipment through standardized interfaces.


 Four intelligent consumer application systems

Optimize material flow and data flow


The top level solution architecture of YOUIBOT product is four major consumer application systems --YOUI-IMS, YOUI-INS, YOUI-TMS,YOUI-K2. These are specially designed for warehouse inventory management, intelligent inspection, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent epidemic prevention and other logistics challenges. These systems enable transforming production line requirements into robot system orders, and then into robot scheduling and execution instructions creating the intelligent logistics brain and intelligent digital system.


Among them, YOUI-TMS core capabilities are process management, scheduling coordination, and line-side storage space management, which effectively solves the issues with complex technological processing of mobile robot project implementation, low level Informatization of manufacturing equipment and inefficient collaboration etc. YOUIBOT adopts the simplest system integration method to achieve truly intelligent logistics management and complete physical data flow from stockpile warehouseproduction lineproduction linesemi-finished product warehouseproduction lineproduction line-finished goods warehouse.



YOUINS has automated data collection,intelligent identification &analysis,monitoring&alarm and other core capabilities to efficiently resolve clients issues like high-risk workplace, heavy workload,job inspection and inadequate inspection quality etc when YOUINS applies to intelligent inspection applications. The inspection system(YOUINS) allows WIFI or 5G network to be connected with robot and other sensor devices achieving real-time data monitoring and data exchange& sharing to build safe and efficient inspection processes and also reducing workplace injury.Based on the mobile robot family, YOUIBOT is capable of deeply integrating their products into a clients’production management process to form a closed loop of intelligent industry upgrade.



YOUIBOT has applied their robots to various of situations and maintains the largest market share in the power,electronic,semiconductor and other segment industries. YOUIBOT has served more than 50 well-known domestic and international companies such as COMAC, Aviation industry corporation of China.Ltd, Michelin, Fast, ASM, Huawei, China Huaneng group Co.Ltd etc. YOUIBOT has established strong sales network in over 30 countries including Japan , South Korea, Singapore, Spain and Germany etc.


“Mobile robot empowers industrial application revolution. YOUIBOT will continuously commit to technology innovation,and problem solving to drive intelligent industry.





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